Amino acids in our products directly increase the formation of hairy roots in plants. It provides fast, healthy and bushy growth of plants. It encourages smooth flowering, high fruit number and quality. It ensures that the nutrients it is used with are used more quickly by the plants.

It is a high-quality protein source that will relieve the plant in all adverse conditions and accelerate its recovery. Plants cannot adequately secrete the amino acid they need during extreme hot and cold periods. Under these conditions, the plant suddenly becomes stressed. For this reason, it is a necessary resource for the plant to relieve stress and maintain its normal development.

It makes it resistant to stress conditions such as high temperature, low humidity, frost, insect damage, hail damage, flood, which reduce product quality and quantity and have a negative effect on plant metabolism. By applying it before, during and after the stress conditions occur, the problems in the stress physiology of the plants are prevented and it has a healing effect.

Our products contain 20 kinds of amino acids, all in usable form. With their quality and proper distribution, these L-type amino acids penetrate the plant immediately and fulfill the expected tasks.