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Chitin is a homopolymer consisting of β-[1-4] linked N-acetyl-D-glucosamine. Easily obtained, abundant in nature and naturally renewable, this polymer is in the second place after cellulose.


Chitosan is a cationic biopolymer comprising randomly dispersed presence of high molecular weight consisting of alkaline N-deacetylation (by deacetylation and generally A-units in chains GICNAC [β-1,4-2-acetemido-2-deoxy -β-D-glucopyranose] and D-units GIC [β(1-4}-2-amino-2deoxy-β-D glucopyranose].

Chitin’s Chemical Obtain

Chitin is produced with a thermochemical process from shrimp shells. Also, biological processes using microorganisms for demineralization and deproteinization have been recommended alternative for these chemical processes with costly and non-eco friendly nature.

Usage Areas

Coagulation for contaminated wastewater. Water treatment and flocculation Removel and recovery of metal ions in waste water. Plant additive. Antimicrobial agents. Coating of plant seeds. Composting. Agriculture…