ADAGA AS; It was established in 2011. Our company has undertaken important projects in Turkey in line with the work it has done, based on the principle of "offering the best and most innovative products". In this direction, TÜBİTAK successfully completed its work in 2013. Our investment project was approved by the evaluation commission and decided to be supported with the "Use of Chitin from Shellfish - Chitosan Production as an Intermediate for Different Sectors", which we have done under the regulation on the "Technological product investment support program" dated 29.04.2014 and numbered 28986. Kitin-Kitosan, which has not been produced in Turkey before, has started to be produced by our company with the support of the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology within the scope of the SAN-TEZ project.

Our company produces innovative products in the agricultural sector, establishes facilities to meet Turkey's needs and export them to the world, plans projects and works to make their dreams come true. In this sector, products can be analyzed at any time with the R&D laboratory that our company has put into operation on research and development as of 2016, and formulation differentiation and improvement studies are constantly carried out with our expert team in order to ensure better development of the products. In this way, every product is better controlled and products are produced with an innovative production approach at any time without being dependent on standard products.