Fertilizer Adaga Namo-Kar, which binds salt in the soil and increases the availability of fertilizers

It binds the salt in the soil, transforms the plant nutrients into useful forms, and the salts bound by irrigation move downwards from the root zone.

*Note: Made from organic acids.

Adaga Namo-Kar, the natural structure of the soil or the drip fertilizers and irrigation water used can cause an excess of salt (sodium) in the soil over time. The pH rises, causing other elements to bind and become inaccessible. These salts, which are insoluble in water and therefore not used by plants, can reach a visible level as white crystals on the soil surface. Over time, these lands become barren and unproductive. It causes growth failure in plants. Flowering, crown growth and fruit growth slow down, fruits remain small.

Adaga Namo-Kar is combined with a completely organic acid complex and plant nutrition group. It is a highly effective product that can be used safely in soils with salinity and high pH problems.

  • It is a salinity remover and a pH reducer.
  • It prevents the barrenness of agricultural lands and improves their texture and ensures that they are loosely structured.
  • It dissolves macro and micro elements in the soil and takes care of the plant.
  • It leaves no residue.
  • It does not contain mineral acids that cause salinity in the soil, such as nitric acid and phosphoric acid.