Calcium Nitrate Solution, Cal Plus B for Foliar Application. Robust Root, Resistant Fruit, Strong Stem



Guaranteed Content % W/W
Total Nitrogen (N) 8
Nitrate Nitrogen 8
Water Soluble Calcium Oxide (Ca0) 15
Water Soluble Boron (B) 0,3

It contains Calcium and Boron in its composition. Boron in its formula is both helpful in transporting Calcium and meeting the Boron need of the plant. It also keeps Calcium in soluble form and increases its uptake. Combination of Calcium with Boron gives a higher effect. Calcium ensures the growth of the plant by being effective in the regulation of cell division and elongation of cells. It strengthens the cell wall and increases the resistance of the plant against diseases, drought, frost and stress conditions. It is a nutrient required for normal root development and flowering. Quality shelf life ensures a long crop harvest. Rotting and cracking occur in fruits and vegetables that do not get enough calcium. Symptoms such as bitter spot in apple and bottom rot in tomato are seen in calcium deficiency. ADAGA CAL-PLUS B has a formulation that can be easily taken without damaging the cell wall of the plant. In addition to high and completely dissolved Calcium, it also contains the element Boron, which is very important for the plant. It is quickly and easily taken up by the plant. Strengthens fruit and plant tissue. The plant gains resistance to physical processes. It provides hormonal balance in the plant under stress conditions. It keeps the colors of the plant alive and brightens the fruits.


With Drip Irrigation: 2-4 liters/decare

With sprinkler: 2-4 liters/decare

By foliar application: 100 liters/25 cc