With ADAGA POT 25 you will be amazed at how big and plump the fruits are. Potassium Solution, NB Fertilizer Solution. Fruit Grower, Fruit Frying Fertilizer.


Fruit Grower / Fruit Fryer

  • It ensures that fruits and all products are large, plump, hard and perfect in color.
  • It minimizes the number of fruits falling from the branch.
  • Extends shelf and storage life of fruits.
  • It is in 100% obtainable form.
  • It provides fast and visible nutrition.
Guaranteed Content % W/W
Guaranteed Content (K2O) 25

It is a potassium-based fertilizer solution. It supports the formation of buds and flowers in vegetable and fruit trees. It increases fruit setting and especially quality. It provides resistance to adverse growing conditions, diseases and lodging in grains. By encouraging the continuity of leaf activities (assimilation) in the generative period, it ensures that the product is large, plump, firm and the color is vibrant. It minimizes the number of fruits falling from the branch. Extends storage and shelf life. It provides water balance in plants, provides the production and transport of photosynthesis products, and activates or activates some enzyme systems. ADAGA POT -25 promotes the uptake of Iron and Manganese from micro elements. It solves the inability problem. ADAGA POT -25 eliminates the problems that occur in the plant such as stoppage in development, delay in maturation, and small fruit formation. It gives results in a short time after application, provides fast and visible feeding with its 100% availability.

With Drip Irrigation: 2-5 liter/decare
with sprinkler: 2-5 liter/decare
With foliar application: 100 liter/200 cc